Characters can be equipped with fifteen different slots of equipment for defense, offense, and other abilities.

Main Hand: Weapons fill the main hand of all characters. Weapons come in three main varieties: martial (including swords, hammer, and axes), basic (including daggers, maces, and sickles), and mage (including staffs, rods, and scythes).

Off-hand: Three different things can fill a character's off-hand. Certain classes can equip one-handed weapons in their off-hand. Wizards typically equip foci in their off-hand, such as crystals, spellbooks, and censors. Others will fill their off-hand with shields, either small, spiked, or large.

Two-Handed: Certain weapons are two-handed and occupy both the main and off-hand. Only warriors can equip two-handed weapons, which deal more damage and come in the same varieties as martial weapons.

Ranged: Their are three main varieties of ranged weapons. Rogues use the most damaging ranged weapons, which include longbows, heavy crossbows, and paired hand crossbows. Wizards and hierophants use magical ranged weapons which typical have an elemental component, and include wands, holy symbols, and living elements. Other classes use basic ranged weapons, such as shortbows, light crossbows, and thrown weapons.






Ring 1

Ring 2






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